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Established in 1850, Indian Hill Cemetery holds an important place in Middletown's history. Many of the most historically prominent families are buried here.

The cemetery offers one of the highest outlooks in the Middletown region, overlooking the elbow of the majestic Connecticut River and situated in the heart of the community. The cemetery sits directly next door to Wesleyan University and when the gates are open, students, professors, families, and solitary walkers can be seen enjoying the peaceful and beautiful environment.

Indian Hill Cemetery also offers the region's first columbarium – a niche for cremated remains. We also provide a full line of traditional products and services for pre-need purchasing, or end-of-life arrangements including burial plots, communal mausoleums, and lots for family estates. Additionally, we offer referrals to an array of area service providers for funeral planning.

Conveniently located in the center of the State of Connecticut just a short distance from Route 9, I-91 for north and south access, and Route 66 to the east and west, Indian Hill Cemetery offers family members with a centralized point to memorialize their loved ones.

Indian Hill Cemetery is controlled by a devoted Board of Trustees made up of local community members and overseen by a full-time Superintendent.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Association for the Preservation of the Historic Indian Hill Cemetery is to serve the community as an active burial ground and conserve the physical artifacts, buildings, and infrastructure of the cemetery; to celebrate the American heritage represented by those interred here; maintain the Native American heritage of the land, restore and sustain the landscape, and manage the grounds as an accessible community resource.

Board of Trustees:


Giulio S. Giuffrida, II, Co-President

Jeffrey C. Burgess, Co-President

Philip P. Cacciola, Vice President

Eileen Bengtson, Secretary

Jeffrey C. Burgess, Treasurer


Lois H. Bukowiec

Salvatore D’Aquila

August L. DeFrance IV

David Mylcreest

Thomas Russell

John B. Sterry, Jr


Joseph E. Biega, III

Steven J. Wallach

David N. Xenelis


Normand P. Emond

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