Friends of Indian Hill Cemetery

The Friends of Indian Hill Cemetery are always looking for new members to assist with fundraising, events, researching historic persons buried at our cemetery.

Events to Come Summer/Fall 2023

The Friends of Indian Hill have many exciting programs scheduled this year.

Please Join Us!

August 30, 2023, Wednesday 6:30 pm
Dr. Richard Benfield - The Geography of Mortality:

$10.00 donation

Funerary rites, cemeteries, and graveyards have always held a fascination in human and historical geography, and with the coming of the Cemetery Movement in the Victorian Era and tourist visitation to burial sites, gardens, and horticulture also became an integral part of cemeteries and burial places. Today, all three are intertwined, and cemeteries and burial places have become compelling visitor destinations.

Combining history, geography, and gardens, Dr. Benfield, Emeritus Professor of Geography at CCSU, will guide attendees through numerous and varied cultures, six continents and their Geography of Mortality, and the history of horticulture as a companion to cemeteries. An all-in-one personally illustrated journey highlighting the Geography of Mortality - cemeteries and mausolea around the world, exhibiting all types of gardens.

September 10, 2023, Sunday 2:00 pm
Music and Comedy

$10.00 donation

Brave and Common combine music and comedy into an act that focuses on the relatable topics of education, work, pets, and family - all delivered with a tasteful approach to the content. Bronwyn Commins (or Brave) has studied comedy for over twenty years. The music portion of Brave and Common is skillfully delivered by Dave Downs, otherwise known as Common.

September 21, 2023, Thursday 6:00 - 8 pm
CLEAR DAY THUNDER: Rescuing The American Chestnut

FREE FILM SCREENING** to be held at The Rockfall Foundation’s deKoven House
27 Washington Street, Middletown CT

This film screening is in partnership with The American Chestnut Foundation, Friends of Indian Hill Cemetery, The Rockfall Foundation, and Middletown Garden Club.

This is the story of a tree. A mighty wonder that graced the forests of Appalachia and sustained all forms of life. Embraced us from cradle to grave. At the turn of the 20th century, a deadly blight accidentally imported into the U.S. from Asia devastated the American Chestnut. Within a span of only two generations, the tree was nearly extinct.

This is the story of people. This new documentary film tells the story of passionate citizen scientists and researchers working to restore this ecologically and economically important species during this pivotal moment.

This is the story of promise. The tree that forged a connection with humankind has been embraced in turn by humans who, invigorated by hope, are working tirelessly to revive this magnificent tree — so that it can once again help shape the future.

Click the link below. **SIGN UP REQUIRED Seating is limited.

October 15, 2023, Sunday 2:00 pm
A Lecture by Richard J. Friswell - WESU Visiting Scholar
GRAVEN IMAGES: The Colonial Gravestone as Art and History

$10.00 donation. Limited seating. Reserve your spot by calling 860.346.0452

The time, 1680-1815, represents a period in American history when itinerant craftsmen and stone masons were called upon to create artisanal headstones in memory of the deceased. The legacy of both the living and dead was captured in images and epitaphs reflecting changing religious beliefs, shifting cultural mores, and economic conditions. This presentation highlights those trends in artistically unique ways, strikingly poignant and occasionally humorous.


Bee Hives at Indian Hill

The Board of Trustees and The Friends of Indian Hill are excited to announce that the cemetery is now part of a new era of conservation. The cemetery is now home to new honey bee hives. Our beekeeper, Mark Bell, has placed several bee hive boxes at the cemetery in an area not suitable for interments. Mark will monitor the progress of the newly established beehives and be able to harvest honey when available. Local raw honey does more than taste good, it has many medicinal uses.; the food we consume each day is pollinated mainly by bees. Raising bees is becoming more popular by the day, and the cemetery is pleased to participate in this environmentally responsible program.

Plant a Tree – Save a Tree

Together, we can ensure that Indian Hill Cemetery remains a park and an active cemetery where people can walk, bike, jog, relax, paint, and enjoy the beauty of this historic cemetery.

Tree $500.00

Your gift of a tree will be acknowledged with a plaque.

Along with your check, please provide name as you'd like it to appear on the plaque, name of donating party, address, phone and email.


Please make checks payable to FOIHC, Inc and send them to:
P.O. Box 176
Middletown, CT 06457

For Questions

Please contact Norm Emond, superintendent at:
Phone: 860-346-0452
Fax: 860-346-0215
Friends of Indian Hill Cemetery, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organized in 2016

Membership & Donations

Membership for January 1, 2023 thru December 31, 2023


Please make checks payable to FOIHC, Inc and send them to:
P.O. Box 176
Middletown, CT 06457

Membership Packages

If you are a life member or choose not to become a member, please consider a donation.

Individual $30
Family $50
Other $_____
Friends of Indian Hill Cemetery, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organized in 2016
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